The Barockpinto has been being bred in Europe for many, many generations.  It started out as a cross between a friesian and the Gelderlander.  One of the first well known stallions was Bonte Nico.  Popular in the Netherlands during the 60s for the beautifuly colored foals he produced. He was also considered quite controversial!!

While Nico himself (picutured at left in a breeding advertisement from 1966 was not really what I consider to be a beautiful horse, his contributions to the breed are undeniable.  One of Nicos sons Bonte Bertus had several notable offspring including Bonte Bart and Nico II  (they love to use the name Nico and also Bart  so try not to confuse Nico with Nico I , Nico II or the just place Nico that was in the US, ,he was totally unrelated to all these other Nico’s

One of my favorites is Bonte Bart(pictured below)  Bonte Bart was owned by Sonja Massanneck in Germany.   Mrs. Massaneck has made a big contrabution to the barockpinto breed over the years.  Bonte Bart is sire to many fine Barockpintos including Bizkit owned by Dreamgait Friesians here in the US! She also owned several other Barockpinto stallions and paticipated in many expos show casing her special horses  

 Mrs Masseneck and one of her Barockpintos!!!  Look at his mane!!

Below  Barockpinto stallions Alkatraz, Albano and DeNiro

Nico II pictured below is owned by Carmen Susenburger of Spain,  Nico is also still alive as of  today.  Carmen has also been a big promotor of the Barockpinto .  She is also the breeder of  Albano.  who is sire to Picasso owned by Tophat Friesians and Barockpintos

Nico II. (Bonte Bertus x Ster von Freark)born, 1992, above Below Carmen with Remko Friesian stallion and Nico !! at 18 yrs preforming and promoting the barockpinto breed

Albano below 

By far the most acomplised Barockpinto stallion in dressage is Willem Van Nassau, bred and owned by Arnold Wemmenhove. Willem is competing at grandprix.  Arnold has been a big part of the renewed interest in the Barockpinto breed in the Netherlands.  He is also the founder of the Barockpinto studbook.  One of the registries for the breed in europe, there are several others to choose from as well.


I had the pleasure of meeting Willem and his rider Bennie in person at the Barockpinto Kuering March 2014.  Willem is really impresive to watch go, he and  Bennie are a perfect match!!  Below is a pic I took at the Kuering 


The Barockpinto breed here in the US

For many of us in the US the first Barockpinto we saw was Nico, Nico was a impressive horse origional imported to Canada by  the Witteveens  hen then later sold to Hidden Promise Sport horses in TN.   Unfortunely over the years Nico and most of his male offspring have died tragicly.   One remaining grandson is still alive and at Hidden Promise Sport horses in TN .  Rachel Blaney in Canada has a Friesian x Warmblood daughter of Nico that she is breeding back to a ster Friesian staliion and may have foals for sale.  

Pictured below L-R Nico, Levi and Luke,  Luke and Levi were sold out of the country and used as dancing horse both have sadly passed.

Bizkit was pictured below is owned by Dreamgait Friesians in OH, Bizkit has several quality offspring including two from model mares. Dreamgait is a great contact for Barockpintos as well as purebred Friesians.  They are a true asset to the future of the Barockpintos here in the US.  Bizkit stands to outside mares as well!

Bonte PeterBP04 below left and Frans below right, are sons of Willem van Nassau.  Both  stand to outside mares, owned by Excalibur Friesians in CA,  Peter has several nice foals on the ground both here and in Europe




Top Hat Friesians and Barockpintos in FL is another good resourse for BPs here in the US, they own an Albano son Picasso, as well as several imported mares.   Picasso also now stands to outside mares!


Friesians of Color is dedicated to promoting the Barockpinto breed here in the US, We feel its important to try to work together to help the breed grow.  There now are several quality barockpinto stallions to choose from.  In the next few years our own Homozygous pinto stud colt, International Playboy Larz, will be avalible to outside mares and will gaurentee color on any mare!!  Im sure there will be other homozygous colts in the years to come that will ensure every mare owner a good match for there horse as well as a color gaurentee!  


MORE INFO SOON.................


Below is our homozygous pinto stud colt International Playboy Larz , he is a WOW!!! pictured at 7 months!